Final Piece
So in my final artwork, I tried to show the nature of ourselves and the stages of fear. The images were taken from the reactions from my sister. I tried not to be so literal and wanted to add some text and statements of what was said to describe how we were feeling so I thought if I could display them in an evolving type of stage. The use of the shape I thought could emphasise this instead, as it may seem like a target-shaped could also in a way present the instinct of survival. The work also may appear as type of illusion which can drive the piece to being a mental depiction of recognise fear and also the human state.
Conceptual Process 8: Focusing on the Instinct
As I have established that I want to focus on fear but how it contributes to our human nature, our condition - This may not look very appealing, but I’m trying discover a way in order to display this information and this concept. That our external, internal and subconscious fears are part of our human condition that contribute to natural instincts of human nature.